A compelling display of graphics and video

The new site packs in a lot of detail using a combination of text, animation and strong imagery to break up the information and ensure that strong messages are conveyed.


Connecting with the target audience through imagery

We used a mixture of corporate, cityscapes and lifestyle imagery to mix together a video splice that appeals to Texel's mixed target audience.

Video & Photography

Reinventing the brand for a sophisticated result

A sophisticated grey, green and white colour palette along with clean crafted lines provide a memorable brand icon that's consistent across all mediums. 

The Brand

Infographics get across key messages in the blink of an eye

Beautifully crafted infographics and icons compel the user to find out more and explore.


A responsive mobile design makes
the website look great on all platforms

The website was planned to dynamically alter it's layout to suit the device that it's being viewed on.


Small micro videos help bring movement to the brand

We placed tiny video edits throughout the website to bring movement and interactivity.

Video Snippets


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